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We are A.K.A Tropicalia

We create Art that you can wear.

Embracing the gist of design, energetic flow and Latin heritage,

AKA Tropicalia brings a splash of art into our daily lives.
Each original piece is handmade and limited edition. 

Recycled Acrylic Art
Series with original unique designs by Lua, that bring new life to

recycled acrylic.

Lua - Creative Director

Lua is a designer whose work spanns continents.

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, she's collaborated with top artists,

from music videos with names like Anitta and Emis Killa to

Fashion Rio design shows. As branding co-director of

Svetlana, Lua's efforts in sustainability earned her team the Vogue

Sustainability "EcoEra" Award in 2016. 

After moving to Amsterdam, Lua drew on her grandma's craft

legacy, design education, and art history background. 
She has showcased her work at events like Dutch Design Week

and Rotterdam Art Week, and her pieces are available at the

Museum of Latin American Art store in Los Angeles.

Lua's journey continues to blend tradition and modernity,

making her mark in the art world.

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