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Puff Contemporary

Our latest collection of bags draws inspiration from contemporary art, blending modern aesthetics with practical design. The use of metallic-colored nylon creates a sleek, futuristic look, while colorful and neon straps add vibrant, eye-catching accents. Each bag is adorned with playful charms that hang, adding a touch of whimsy and personalization. These elements combine to create unique, artistic pieces that are not only functional but also a bold statement of style and creativity.

Puff Contemporary

  • Puff Contemporany Bag

      A bag with a unique and authorial design with charms.

    • Nylon textil + recycled acrylic charms
    • Handmade in Holland
    • Large: approx. 34 x20 x10 cm (Length x Width x Height) 
    • Long Strap size - (160 x 2,5 cm)

    ✨The photos of the charms are for illustrative purposes only. The charms will be chosen by the artist.

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