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Memphis zigzig

Our design journey is influenced by the revolutionary Memphis design movement that emerged in 1980s Italy. Memphis design, pioneered by Ettore Sottsass, shattered design conventions with its vibrant colors, geometric shapes, and fearless approach.

Inspired by Memphis, we infuse our work with bold, contrasting colors, embracing a playful and energetic aesthetic. Geometric shapes and asymmetry, key elements of Memphis design, add dynamism to our compositions, echoing the movement's avant-garde spirit.

The rejection of strict design rules in Memphis resonates with us, encouraging experimentation and innovation. Our homage to Memphis design is a celebration of its enduring impact, capturing the essence of breaking free from norms while infusing our work with a contemporary flair.

Memphis zigzig

  • Hand design.  Recycled Acrylic . Art
    An earring with a unique and authorial design.

    • Recycled Acrylic material 
    • Suitable for sensitive skins
    • Handmade in Holland.
    • Don't wear this baby to bed.😊
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