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This avant-garde collection of earrings and bags captures the raw, emotive essence of Neo-expressionism with bold colors, intense energy, and expressive forms. Lua has meticulously crafted accessories that are as much a statement as they are fashion. An eclectic mix of abstract patterns, oversized designs, and intricate detailing that create wearable art forms.

With recycled acrylic embodying the spirit of rebellion and freedom,

this collection invites you to express your inner vibrancy and dynamic spirit.

Step into a world where art meets fashion, and let your style speak volumes.


  • Hand design.  Recycled Acrylic . Art
    An earring with a unique and authorial design.

    • Recycled Acrylic material 
    • Size 7.5cm (length)
    • Suitable for sensitive skins
    • Handmade in Holland.
    • Don't wear this baby to bed.😊
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