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*Custom* Memphis Necklace

Handmade . Slow Fashion . Recycled

Each necklace includes five charms - that means you can choose five charms and create your own custom necklace. 
Select your five charms, choose between the colors available and style it as you wish!

A necklace with a unique and authorial design.

  • The charms are made of recycled acrylic and the chain is gold plated.
  • Suitable for sensitive skins
  • Handmade in Holland
  • Don't wear this baby to bed.

*Custom* Memphis Necklace

48,00 €Precio
  • Explore the endless possibilities of our collections by choosing charms that resonate with your unique personality. Create a necklace that tells your story by selecting from our exquisite charm options (abstract, Memphis design, rebel rebel :).

    Mix and match to your heart's content, allowing you to adorn your necklace in a myriad of ways. Unleash your creativity and fashion a piece that is as distinct as you are.

    Dive into the world of endless combinations and make your jewelry truly one-of-a-kind.

    Happy shopping!


    Necklace size - 50cm

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