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Bauhaus 3

Bauhaus was a revolutionary movement that changed the way we think and consumes Art. With the avant-garde thinking of democratizing Art, artists and craftsmen sought simplicity to allow low-cost mass production, This aesthetic bias, which broke completely with the rules of classic German style, aroused the criticism of conservatives.


The combination of the democratization of Art and the graphic materials of the movement inspired us to create our new collection, with a splash of new colors.


Welcome to the Bauhaus collection by AKA Tropicalia.


Bauhaus 3

28,00 €Precio
    • Hand design.  Recycled Acrylic . Art
      An earring with a unique and authorial design.

      • Recycled Acrylic material 
      • Size 5X4 cm
      • Suitable for sensitive skins
      • Handmade in Holland.
      • Don't wear this baby to bed.😊
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